Three Ways to Beat Alcohol Addiction

Three Ways to Beat Alcohol Addiction

If you think you have alcohol addiction or if you think someone you love is struggling with alcohol addiction; know that there are various treatment options available and know that you can beat it. Also, it is important to understand that addiction is a chronic disease and it is a treatable disease. However, it will not happen overnight or even a fortnight. 

So, get ready to get on a ride that will test your patience, perseverance and persistence day in and day out; whether it is for yourself or for someone you love. 

Before discussing the treatment options available, let us first compare the cases of Matthew Perry and Arun Thapa . As we can see Matthew Perry sought help and now he has overcome his addiction whereas living alone Arun Thapa drowned deeper into addiction until he passed away. This is a global issue as only one in every ten people with substance use disorder reach out for treatment. 

Recovery is possible with the right help and the right treatment. Depending on the severity and intensity of the alcohol use disorder along with the support available, there are three major treatment options:

  1. Support groups
  2. Outpatient facilities
  3. Residential services

1. Support Groups:

If you have decided to choose an alcohol-free life and you have ample support from your family and friends. You have a safe and supportive environment to ensure that you will not fall back into drinking habits. In this case, your best option is to seek support groups like Alcoholic Anonymous (, attend the meetings, and meet like-minded people, fight the alcohol addiction together in a peer support setting. 

2. Outpatient facilities:

Imagine that you have decided to quit alcohol but your addiction is the result of some traumatic past. You have decided to quit drinking but you experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms. You have ample support from family and friends and they will help you to stay away from alcohol. There are different services like counselling and medication which you can find , while living with your family and friends. 

3. Residential services:

Rehabilitation centres and hospitals are examples of residential services. If you have severe alcohol use disorder and where you live or who you live with could hinder your recovery, then you should use residential services. These types of facilities provide various inhouse services like medication and counselling. 

Residential facilities have health-care experts like counsellors, nurses and even psychiatrists. You will have well-rounded supervision and monitoring from experts. Also, you will receive an individualised treatment plan at the centre. They will take into account your individual history before formulating your treatment plan. Based on the treatment plan, you could stay a few weeks to a few months. 

Alcohol addiction is a disease. It is a chronic disease and most importantly, please remember it is a curable disease. You can beat the disease but you cannot do it alone. You need help, ask for help. Shout out, seek out and reach out!

Beat the addiction!

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