So High or So Low ?

So High or So Low ?

“I really want to get high” – he says as he keeps going lower and lower into the rabbit-hole of being utterly and hopelessly dependent on a life-less substance that has started controlling the whole of his being. He spends his hard earned money to buy these substances that will make him broke and broken together and in different ways. 

“I’m so high.” – he says but who will tell them that it’s an ultimate low masquerading as high. It has surrounded him, full and with no visible sign of escape. Lower they go, they crave for more high, and the higher they feel, the lower they go. In the vicious circle with no door to the outside world, he is now kidnapped, and he is paying ransom to stay kidnapped. And the kidnapper does not even inform your family. 

“I can not function without getting high” – he says as his body is now fully fallen into the rabbit-hole and he does not realize it. 

Who will save him?

Who will lend a hand? 

Will he agree to get help?

Substance abuse and substance dependence are two stages of substance use turning into a substance abuse disorder. When you start intaking drugs or any other intoxicating substance in amounts more than normal, your brain slowly starts becoming dependent on it, and instead of you controlling the substance, the roles are exchanged. Now it is controlling you! 

One of the most difficult aspects of substance abuse and substance dependence is acceptance. Accepting the fact that you need help. Accepting that your need to get high is bringing you low. Accepting that you are in control of the substance. You can not come out of the rabbit-hole unless you acknowledge you are in it and you want to come out of it. But how do you tell someone who is not in control that they are in trouble? 

Do you force them? No! 

Do you tell them what to do? – They won’t listen to you! 

Here’s what you should do! 

Act as a support system, a motivator. Find out their motivations to come out of the hole. Use them. Let them know you are there waiting for them outside. Let them know you will help them. 

Let them know you don’t judge them. 

Gain their trust. 

Help them gain control. 

Help them know that addressing their problems is brave and courageous. 

They will come around slowly but surely. 

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