Why we love Superheroes ?

Why we love Superheroes ?

Superheroes are the most popular aspect of contemporary entertainment culture. There is a rise in the global obsession towards superhero characters. Be it by reading a comic or watching movies and series about them, half of the young people in today’s world have their own favorite superhero. Ohhh and a warning alert: NEVER try to convince them to like your favorite superhero instead of theirs. 

Although there is no trace of who the first superhero of the world was, Mandrake is often given the title of it. Mandrake was a magician whose super power was that he could make people believe anything, I mean anything just by hypnotic gestures. Isn’t that cool? 

Usually these superheros, whether it’s Batman, Superman or Ironman, seem to live in the same circumstances that we live. They go to their job, screw it, eat hamburgers, fall in love and somewhere in between take out time to fight the evil. They seem to wear the clothes like we do, they speak the same language as we do. This gives us the familiarity in the characters and while they are on a mission we root for them. In this way we can feel them. We connect with their life, of course except for saving the world part. 

Superheroes have sharp jaws, highly sophisticated vehicles and muscular bodies which set them apart from us. But their emotional vulnerability, fear, influence of others and a lack of control over the outcomes connect them with us. Every action they take isn’t necessarily the right one. They face the consequences of their actions just like us. Superheroes like Batman and Hulk show us their vulnerable sides which we can relate to. 

Superheroes, just like us, experience life changing moments which sometimes leave them physically and emotionally vulnerable. They go through ups and downs in their life. With all those utmost power superheroes don’t succeed every time. They fail just like us. Just like us they mourn the loss of their loved ones, have fights with their friends and alike us they even have the inferiority complex. They go through ups and downs in their relationships. 

In superheroes we see a father figure who we can always look up to.  Many researches have shown from early days of evolution we humans have always stretched our imagination and created a godly or a fatherly figure. This not only gives us the hope of fighting but also gives answers to those questions which our intellect can’t provide us.  

We see these alpha human superheroes who take care for their responsibility using their powers as our alter ego. These supreme beings are similar yet different from us. They are what we all fantasize of being. Their heightened physical ability and emotional intelligence woo us and make us weak in the knees. 

Their life isn’t easy at all, they do have their share of problems and troubles but still they choose to do the right regardless of what will happen to them. This morally bound nature of these guardians is what we all secretly wish for. 

No matter how far fetched their super powers are, people always have looked up to superheroes to provide them that relief in fantasy. We share many similarities and when they win we feel that with them we too have won. Superheroes give hope that no matter how hard the journey is, at the end you will always be bigger than your problem. 

We don’t know about the future but superhero stories have always been successful in the past and are going through the golden era right now. With their tight latex costumes and charming personalities, they have always entertained us. They have various superpowers that help them to overcome the situation. 


Which superhero do you think would be an ideal friend to stay with, during this quarantine period? 

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