Peter Baelish; Player who tamed his ego?

Peter Baelish; Player who tamed his ego?

It’s been a year since the final battle for Iron Throne ended and along with it a lot of theories including all the charismatic characters found the end of its day.

Although the end of the epic saga of ice and fire didn’t make a lot of fans happy, one thing none can deny is it gave us lots and lots of interesting characters whom we loved as well as loved to hate. We witnessed kings and knights fall like chess pieces. We saw dragons walk and wolves fly. We saw duels, relationships, loyalty, betrayal; in short we saw everything that has a possibility of being.

The success of this epic series Game of Thrones cannot be credited to a single aspect but surely one thing that played the most important role to make it a household name globally is its characters. When you have thousands of people on your cast and each with their own exciting backstory and awesome character arc, it’s sure that people are gonna go crazy over some characters.

One such character who made fans go berserk with his cunning strategy and unempathetic actions is none other than Westeros Master of Coins, Peter Baelish aka Littlefinger. 

The man behind all the mess; Littlefinger was one of the strongest and most interesting players in the game of thrones. Coming from a small island with no big family name, Mr. Peter Baelish in his own words climbed through the ladder of chaos and found his place among the most powerful names.

Peter Baelish; Player who tamed his ego?

In the world where the family name people carry, was the most important thing in carving one’s luck, Littlefinger designed his own luck with his schemes and plots. One thing that made a tiny man from an unknown family one of the most powerful people in Westeros is his ability to tame his ego. While others advanced long strides and fell he crawled inch by inch. Which is why no one thought of him as a threat. 

There were many instances where Baelish was shamed, discarded, and humiliated. Almost every big name from Cersei to Ned Stark, from Lancel, or we can say Brother Lancel to Grand Maester Pycelle, everyone had their share of criticizing and bashing him.

Any other character would have been offended and reacted aggressively to it but not our man. He never let these emotions distract him from his goal. Unlike other players in the throne game, he never let his emotions deceive him from his main objective. This made him the most uncertain and dangerous player.

Peter Baelish always was focused on his goal. He knew when to hold back and when to strike. He studied all the players, their motives, and fear before placing a move.  

While Daenerys had dragons, Cersei had an army, Tryion had his influence and Jon had the fight in him; Peter Baelish had his mind. And he knew how to use it. All of them wanted fame, power, love, or a sense of righteousness but not Baelish. He was fine being the man behind the stage as long as his enemies were falling.

He rose to power only because he didn’t let his ego come in his way. He became one of the richest people in the whole Westeros. He controlled a whole army. He was one of the most prominent players in the game. All this because he had the ability to focus on long goals. He never let anyone or anything get into his head. 

Littlefinger with his lies, schemes, and manipulation was probably the most vicious and dangerous person in the race of thrones. His main weapon was not a dragon fire, valyrian sword, or army of spies but his ability to understand humans, including himself. That is what led an unknown man from an unknown family to become Lord Peter Baelish.

The irony of the Game Of Thrones is that what makes a character powerful is the same thing that makes him weak. And it was the same in Littlefinger’s case too. He came in power because of his schemes and the same thing took his life. His downfall was his ego when he started revealing his schemes. At last he was slit by Arya with the same dagger which he had gifted to Bran. It wouldn’t be mad to think he was the one who ordered the killing of Bran with the same dagger in Season one. 

Peter Baelish; Player who tamed his ego?

There are a handful of characters who stay in our minds for years and Master of Deception Littlefinger is among them. He was practically behind everything that happened in Game of Thrones. He was the man who knew everyone and utter-mostly who knew himself. As he said, most of the things that we saw in Game of Thrones were already played inside Littlefinger’s head. From the battle of five kings to the rise of Jon Snow, he imagined statically everything in his head, but we bet he didn’t calculate the vision of three-eyed raven; or we can say, King Bran, first of his name and the protector of the realm. 

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  3. I have never watched Game of Thrones and never really want to. It looks like a good series but it just too popular for me and I am not into this kind of fantasy.

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