7 BTS Songs for Better Mental Health – Musicians Sans Frontières

7 BTS Songs for Better Mental Health –  Musicians Sans Frontières

I never quite believed music to be a universal language. Although music is the manipulation of the same 7 notes (albeit with different names) when it comes to songs… there was no way I would listen to a song in a language that I couldn’t understand. Especially in my case, I have always enjoyed songs whose lyrics I could relate to. Listening to songs for me meant appreciating the placement of words, metaphors, and similes, and the interpretation. Listening to songs for me was like reading a poem – it had literature value. I had to understand the lyrics to enjoy the songs, didn’t I? 

Well, it took 7 boys from South Korea to bust all myths that I had clung to – BTS!

However, this is not about the “boy-band” BTS who has conquered the world of music – winning awards and fans alike or their journey to global recognition and fame. This is about 7 bts songs about mental health that opened not just my ears to unintelligible lyrics but broadened my language-constricted narrow mind as well. Through their songs, they speak their minds and these songs speak of their inner struggle, self-doubts, depression, and healing. 

BTS Songs about Mental health: Inner Struggle, Self-Doubt, Healing and Depression


This is a solo by Jeon Jungkook aka JK. This song is about how he, the youngest member who was only 15 at the time of their debut, made it through because of his Hyungs (elder brothers). The song also speaks about the struggles the older members have endured.

Born singer

This is a candid song about the group’s journey that began with a small-time agency in a smaller dormitory. This song speaks candidly about their inner self-doubts, how they were shamed and criticised and how they kept their heads high. 


This song speaks about everyone around labelling them – artist / idol, and how they do not care about the labels. They will be who they are and nothing or nobody can “…stop me loving myself”.


Suga (Min Yoongi) raps about the darker side of the fame and popularity he so aspired to achieve and has achieved. This is an introspective number that speaks about doubts and unanswered questions that follow one even at the top. “Don’t let me shine, Don’t let me down, Don’t let me fly…”



A solo by Kim Seokjin aka Jin silenced his critics who (still) doubt his singing ability. This is a song about self-acceptance and how all that matters in this world is loving oneself. 

I’m the one I should love in this world… so I love me…”

Magic shop

This is a comforting song for the wandering souls, the hurting souls. The song speaks about the “Magic Shop” that we can always find in our hearts – in times of pain and despair. 


Answer: Love myself

The simple line “I’m learning how to love myself...” speaks volumes about learning self-acceptance and self-love. The song confirms how difficult it is to love oneself and silence our inner critic and still we owe it to ourselves to love ourselves or start learning to love ourselves.

[NB: There are no official videos on YouTube for BEGIN, MAGIC SHOP, and ANSWER: LOVE MYSELF in this list of bts songs about mental health, so the attached links are related to the songs from BTS’s official YouTube channels as well as lyrical videos on random YouTube channels ].

BTS Showing How to be Mentally Healthy Through Songs and Actions

BTS – Musicians sans frontières (Musicians without Borders)

The 7 boys have transcended language and culture, race and religion, geography and demography. BTS is undoubtedly more than their pretty faces, chic hairstyles, glamorous apparels, synchronized choreography, and their larger than life concerts. Their uninhibited candour in their songs, their stark sincerity when it comes to their mental struggles, and their continuous strife to rediscover themselves – that catapults them from a mere “boy band” into a global phenomenon to reckon with. 

Despite being the celebrity of such ginormous fame, they don’t hesitate to show us their human side. They bare their souls, share their stories of insecurities, show their vulnerable sides, open up to their fans, cry during concerts, apologize when they err but with a reassurance that they will be careful not to repeat their mistakes. They do not tell us but show us how to be mentally healthy through their songs, through their actions. 
Give a listen to these 7 bts songs about mental health even if you need a translator to understand their songs, whether you are hurting or you need healing,  you will be forever grateful because BTS will show youI have reasons I should love myself…

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