Hi, I’m Sensitive!

Hi, I’m Sensitive!

“You’re so sensitive!” is by far the most overused expression that my friends and family have (over)used on me every time they see me sulking. Yes, I am a sulk, and I sulk big time. Yes, I am sensitive. So what?

The snarky remark, “You’re so sensitive!” interprets to “you get so easily upset and offended by such small things”. It could also have another interpretation – “you are so pitiful because you hurt so easy and you need constant support and backing from someone stronger”. Needless to say, when someone uses this expression, it usually has a derogatory ring to it than complimentary. 

So, is being sensitive really a bad thing?


On the contrary, being sensitive is actually a good thing. Being sensitive means your five senses are in excellent working condition and maybe even working overtime. Being sensitive means you experience a world magnified under your sensory microscope. Being sensitive means you are attuned to your inner self and you can empathize with others around you. 

Now, let’s bust two of the greatest myths about sensitive people: 

Myth number 1: Sensitive people get easily upset. 

Fact: Sensitive people feel every emotion with greater impact. All five senses are on high alert for sensitive people so they have a more emphatic response to all emotions, not only upset. Yes, they may get easily upset but only if you are being mean to them. They’ll smile easily if you are kind to them. They’ll jump with joy and hug you tight when you do something nice to them. They are simply responding to your words or actions.

Myth number 2: Sensitive people are a bore.

Fact: If you’ve known a highly sensitive person, you would not want to know any other being any longer. They know how to take in simple pleasures in life and they can see things that go unseen and unnoticed in everyday life. They can enjoy the clouds changing shapes while telling you the all ingredients they can smell and taste as they munch away their snacks. Sensitive people can in fact be the most interesting people. 


Being sensitive is not a sign of weakness, instead, it is a strength. Sensitive people aren’t thrill-seekers. They do not need to go skydiving for the adrenaline rush. They do not need to use recreational drugs to entertain themselves. Sensitive people have a higher response to external stimuli present in the environment so they find thrill in ordinary things like maybe the sunset. Sensitive people enjoy and feel emotions with all their senses – they see better, smell better, hear better, taste better, and feel better. Their five senses are heightened and that’s why they are called sensitive.

So next time you hear someone say to you, “You’re so sensitive!”  Thank them. Because being sensitive is next to being alive – really alive!

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