Suicide: 6 Reasons It Is Not worth it

Suicide: 6 Reasons It Is Not worth it
Trigger Warning: This article may include discussions about suicide which may trigger sensitive people.

Have you thought of killing yourself lately? 

Has living become unbearable? 

How about seeking an alternative?

If you could wait a little longer, live a little longer. The hopelessness and helplessness arising out of the situation you are in might be increasing in its intensity to the point it now has become unbearable… but could it also be perhaps because you have been staring at the “situation” for too long?

Even an almost invisible wing of a mosquito can look humongous and hideous under a microscope… Could you be looking at your “situation” too closely and unconsciously magnifying it? 

How about you look elsewhere, shift your focus elsewhere for a while? Zoom out and maybe use the panorama lens to get a fresh perspective, for a while. Then introspect. How about we look at our own self, introspect?

So, here are 6 reminders of why you need to refocus and endure and live a little longer! 6 reasons death by suicide will never measure up to living. 

6 Reasons Suicide Is NOT WORTH IT

Your life matters:

Nobody knows you the way you know yourself. I know occasionally we do tell our other half / BFF’s / parents how they know ourselves better but deep down that isn’t true. Yes, sometimes we ignore ourselves and overlook our preferences, sidetrack from our wishes, sacrifice our desires… but that’s only temporary. With introspection, we’ll find our way to ourselves because nobody knows you better than yourself.

Your memories matter:

No matter how young you are, you’ve still come a long way and here you are with a treasure trove of memories – some of which may be awful but others that cheer you up instantly. Your memories are yours to cherish and relish at your disposal. Your past is yours and nothing and no one can take that away from you. So love yourself for the past that you have lived. 

Your future matters:

Your existence is a miracle. You are the result of one in MILLIONS of sperm cells that found its way to stick to an egg. At times you may feel beaten down by life, but know that just by being born you have beaten more than a million odds and you still have it in you to beat down the beaten-down feeling. Your existence is a miracle, and your future is another miracle yet to happen. 

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Your existence matters:

You are that last piece of the puzzle that makes your world just right and just the way it should be. Your world exists because of you. You complete your world. You are and that’s why your world is. You are an entire world in yourself and you have it in you to define and redefine your world, to discover and rediscover the nuances of your world… to keep it going.

You matter:

You have touched many lives, you have been an inspiration for some and a reason for respiration for others. You may be oblivious of this fact. Just imagine if your life were a movie and now you try to watch it without you in the picture. Guess what, there would be no such movie because all the lives you have touched wouldn’t be there either. You may feel like giving up but know that you are the reason somebody is living today. 

Your story matters:

Finally, although the virus is still very much part of our daily life and knowing that you are taking all the precautionary measures seriously, you will definitely emerge a victor. In which case, you would have outlived a global pandemic and you get to share your story of quarantine, isolation, social/physical distancing. Whether it’s a story filled with horror and terror, living to tell a tale is what matters. So live, live a little longer…

At the end of the day, know that your leaving will never be worth your living! 

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