7 Powerful Documentaries and Movies about Suicide

7 Powerful Documentaries and Movies about Suicide

Media stories, documentaries, and movies about suicide can increase awareness among youths. Since almost every one person in five has access to various OTT services telling stories about various aspects of suicide can break the long legacy of suicide. As a fellow human, it’s our responsibility to get aware and help all those who are in need of help. Behind a happy face, there might be pain and sorrow which people don’t express. Through movies, documentaries, songs, and various forms of arts we can connect with those troubled souls and help them get out of their problems.

7 best Movies about suicide based on fans and suicide theme coverage

Here we have listed a few movies about suicide that have created awareness about suicide at the local and global levels. Do watch and share them with your friends and family and let everyone know we are in this together. 

Victor’s Last Class  (2016)


Victor’s Last Class follows a 52-year-old acting teacher Victor D’Altorio, who announces that he is going to take his own life after suffering from unbearable chronic back pain. We witness an unusual friendship between him and a young filmmaker Brendan Brandt, who attempts to change Victor’s mind. After battling with bone marrow cancer and immense pain Victor feels taking his life would be the right decision.

Over the course of the next 5 months, Victor goes from high to low and back again as he bonds with Brendan. While watching the film you constantly battle with your own thoughts on whether Victor should end his life to escape pain or continue to live the life he once loved.

I’ll Love You Till The End ( 2019)

7 Powerful Documentaries and Movies about Suicide

Every forty seconds someone in the world takes their own life. And that’s just the ones that are recorded. I’ll Love You Till The End is an individual and collective experience about grief brought by the suicide. The Director of this documentary Bex Singleton shows the trauma caused when a loved one takes his/her life. This uncomfortably important film is a must-watch.

Gatekeeper (2016)

Gatekeeper tells the story of a retired police officer Yukio Shige who bravely patrols the cliffs and saves lost souls. Director Yung Chang uses every frame not only to show the story of Shige who doesn’t let many Japanese people experience their afterlife and the people whom he saves but also about notoriously famous Tojinbo cliffs which witness everything as we do through the running time of film. From spying a troubling person to midnight manhunt by the gatekeeper this film is intense, scary and gives hope all at the same time.

My Ascension (2020)

Emma Benoit, a young cheerleader loved by all decides her life isn’t worth living anymore and suicide is the only option she is left with. Although she seems to be living an ideal life with a supportive family and lots of friends on the outside; she is filled with darkness, depression and anxiety, and has never told a soul about it.

After miraculously being saved but left with a self-inflicted injury, Emma starts a mission to save other people like her who have lost hope in their life. In My Ascension along with an inspiring story of Emma, we learn firsthand from the families, friends, school officials of two people who took their life and suicide prevention experts about the devastating impact suicides have on those who are left behind. If you are looking for something inspiring My Ascension is one film you must watch.

Suicide the Ripple Effect (2018)

After surviving a jump from the Golden Gate Bridge in an attempt to take his life Kevin Hines has been on a mission to use his story to help others find hope and stay alive. The film features some of the world’s leading suicide prevention experts. It also shines a light on people who are using personal experiences with suicide to help others find the hope they need to stay alive.

The Listeners (2016)

The Listeners is a documentary that follows a group of new volunteers as they go through the challenging and vigorous process of training as they learn to answer suicide hotlines through their eyes and ears. The Listeners examines mental health and suicide prevention, volunteerism, and the life-saving power of empathy.


The S Word (2017)

A suicide attempt survivor is on a mission to find fellow survivors and document their stories of unguarded courage, insight, pain, and humor. The S Word puts a human face to a topic that has long been stigmatized and buried with the lives it has claimed. Suicide affects people of all ages, races, gender presentations, sexual orientations, professions and this documentary represents those untold unfortunate stories that could have been avoided. It also sheds light on the rising movement transforming personal struggles into action.

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