Covid-19 and adolescent mental health

Covid-19 and adolescent mental health

It has been months of stress and uncertainty due to the global lockdown caused by the Coronavirus. Senior citizens and little kids might/might not feel the pressure of lockdown because they spend their time mostly indoors but teenagers and adults share different opinions about this lockdown situation. The mental impact has been massive. Depression and stress are what they are dealing with, along with the pandemic. 

According to AMCHP (Association of Maternal and Child Health Program), teenage or adolescence can be divided into three stages based on the age frame:

  1. Early adolescence (ages 10-14)
  2. Middle adolescence (ages 15-17)
  3. Late adolescence (ages 18-24)

Scientific research and studies have shown that these three stages in our life play a very important role regarding development and growth. For instance; development of intellectual interest, abstract thought, moral and rational thinking, and drive for independence, emotional and sexual stability/interest begins and progresses in these three stages. But lockdown has acted as a big concrete barrier for these developments as they have to maintain social distancing.

Teenagers, at school or college, spend 7-8 hours of their day with their friends and teachers which play a major role in terms of physical and mental development process. School is the platform for socializing, learning, and experiencing different factors required for growth and development. Now schools are closed until further notice. This causes massive physical and mental stress because of the biologically active hormones in that particular age frame.


Stress then turns into anger, frustration and even worse – hostility. During that age frame (from 14-24), people prefer to go out with friends rather than hang out with parents or family members. About 3-4 hours a day with family is more than they bargained for during regular days but due to lockdown they are forced to spend entire days in their house for months and they are not very happy. 

As a result, they might be disrespectful to their parents, family members and even to society in some cases. Domestic violence, street violence, protests, rallies, suicide cases have seen a tremendous rise in the past months. Protests and chaos in the United States and here in Nepal during lockdown is the bi-product of stress and anger caused by a lockdown crisis.

So what we need to acknowledge here is in times like these, we need to stand together and understand that we all are in the same uncomfortable situation. Every individual is facing a precise economical, political, medical and social crisis. People of every age have to work this out with unity based on understanding.  Instead of violence, we need each other’s love and support more than ever. For the first time in the history of mankind, we, the people of the earth, have got a chance to fight this enemy together and we are fighting a good fight. Be not afraid.

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