Top 10 Things I Will be Grateful For (when the pandemic is over)

Top 10 Things I Will be Grateful For (when the pandemic is over)

At this very moment, my only connection to the world outside is probably the Windows-10. As I sit with my eyes glued to the screen almost 24/7, not out of choice but because of having no choice at all, I cannot help myself thinking about the future – the future that will happen as long as I keep myself safe, as long as I strictly adhere to lockdown restrictions, and as long as I comply to all the safety and precaution measures. 

Confined to the safety of four walls I want to stay positive and hopeful and so I am making plans for the post-pandemic days. Strangely though my plans have simpler activities that may never even have crossed my mind before the pandemic. So, ignoring the plan (or rather keeping it aside for now), I am listing the things I will be grateful for, from this pandemic onwards. 

Top 10 things I will be grateful for:

10. Hugging:

Keeping a safe 2-meter distance is indeed the biggest barrier to hugging. Just the simple act of expressing through hugs – awkward hugs, bear hugs, everything-will-be-alright hugs…

9. High-fives / Handshakes:

Since the outbreak, hand-wash has replaced high-fives and handshakes. We are washing our hands and sanitizing to wash away the virus cannot stand the fatality of soaps. Just to be able to shake hands, or give a high-five or even bumping fists…

8. Outdoor time:

I am not counting the balcony time or the gardening type of outdoor time. Just walking out brushing past strangers, sitting on the park sizing up every other person who passes by (for no reason)… 

7. Having a routine:

My circadian rhythm has gone out the window and I wish to get it restored. I miss the boring routined life that made me look forward to weekends and holidays. Just to have a routine to complain about it endlessly… 

6. Standing at the checkout counter:

The luxury of pushing the shopping cart around the aisles looking for things I would have never bought anyway and then getting bored standing with a basketful, scowling at the checkout staff wishing they would move their hands a little faster…

5. Going to the movies:

Watching the much-hyped films at the crowded cinema, enjoying the blown-up images of Rami Malek threatening Bond, James Bond (I was so looking forward to Rami Malek punching Craig’s hot ass). Just being at the movie hall alone or with friends and often shushing the idiots who keep talking about / explaining the movie we all are watching…

4. Hanging out with friends:

Catching up with friends over a cuppa, hanging out with them wherever (at the bus-stop, at the park, at the roundabouts) all the while passing judgments at strangers slightly farther from hearing distance…

3. Eating out:

This is one of the first things I knew I would miss even as the nations were speculating lockdown possibilities. Just the pleasure of looking at the menu thoroughly for 15 minutes straight and then ordering the regular…

2. Hitting the snooze button:

I am anything but a morning person and this lockdown has been a blessing in disguise. But I do miss hitting the snooze button every 10 minutes, and the amazing “Inception” dreams that I would have within those 10 minutes… 

1. COUGHING and SNEEZING without raising any suspicion:

Remember those days? 

I will definitely be grateful for little things in life which this pandemic has forced me to look at more closely. If you are having negative thoughts or if you are stressing, how about you give this experiment a go? How about you create your own list of the things you will be grateful for?

Stay home, stay safe, and stay positive!

34 thoughts on “Top 10 Things I Will be Grateful For (when the pandemic is over)

  1. This is a beautiful post. I agree with all of these specially having outdoor time. I’m rarely home before the lockdown and I’m used to going out and seeing my family and friends but we have to abide to the rules and do our part. I hope that everything gets resolved soon.

  2. In fact, I think the lack of a strict routine that I cannot control is what I love the most about the current situation. I can wake up when I am rested, I can eat when I am hungry and I can use the toilet whenever I want. I can plan my day out according to MY NEEDS, not to how the corporate world thinks it should be. I feel fantastic! And since I can eat proper meals whenever I need to, I snack less! I feel more rested and healthier!

  3. I am going to be grateful to go into a store and not have to wait in line to get in and then when I get in I can get everything on my grocery list. That is the only thing that has annoyed me about this whole thing. Other than that I am a go with the flow kind chick.

    1. We surely took these small things like randomly visiting the store and buying stuffs as much as we want for granted. When this lockdown ends, we would surely come out as more grateful people.

  4. Hahaha number one though. 😂 but same here, never taking for granted the “simple things” in life, apparently they matter to me a lot ❤️

  5. I am grateful for all thing we have now. We’re safe and have food to eat. This pandemic lockdown given us the opportunity to build more family bonding in many ways.

  6. Outdoor time would be the thing that I would really grateful for. But, most of the things wouldn’t be the same again that’s what I believed. I wish the pandemic is over soon. I miss my life.

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