Ten things to do during the lockdown

Ten things to do during the lockdown

Due to the pandemic, people are dying all around the world and the rest are fighting together to overcome this situation. But there are some people who are fighting alone with their minds. People are going through a very tough situation. 

If you’re one of them who always requires someone to be with then you might be feeling alone and lonely.

If you are addicted to something say alcohol, smoking, drugs, sex, etc., then you might be feeling vulnerable right now.

If you are a workaholic then you might be thinking about the workload you’re going to face after this lockdown is over and you might be stressing over.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, you might be going through the hard times because of the communication gap.

If you are one of those people who has always been the victim of body shaming and you might not be so active and gaining your weight or you might be skinny and losing your weight due to stress. Then, you might be thinking about all the bad comments you’re going to get when this lockdown ends.

But that’s okay, we are humans. 

And it’s high time to overcome all these mental issues. There are so many things that you can do in this lockdown. Do all that makes you happy. Do all those things that you always wanted to do but you lacked time in the past so that you wouldn’t have spare time to overthink as you would be busy being productive. You can do anything. 

Here are the top ten things you can do sitting in your home.

1) Plant flowers

You can start it from your balcony as well. All you need is a little spac , a little soil, a little water, a little light and a lof love and care. Plant your seeds and water it everyday. You’d get more results than you had expected if you give time and hardwork. I bet you’ll feel satisfied and happy to see them grow and bloom. You’ll be proud of yourself.

2) Learn something new

Always wanted to learn something? You can learn so many things in this lockdown. You can learn makeup, you can learn to play musical instruments, you can learn sketching and painting, you can learn dancing, you can learn singing, etc. Many makeup artists are offering free makeup classes online. There are so many YouTube tutorials that would help you to practice everything that you want to learn. If you couldn’t give time to your studies then you can read your course books too. You can write something if you are fond of writing. You can start your blog and share your knowledge. And if you find difficulties in learning then YouTube is always there to teach you. Apparently Shakespeare wrote King Lear in isolation during the plague.

3) Show your talents

If you always watch YouTube videos or videos of people on Instagram and Facebook and see them growing and doing a great job and you’ve always wanted to show your talent publicly, then you can do all that right now. You can show any of your talent publicly sitting in your room as the internet has made it easy.

4) Cook something new 

If you’re someone who always loved cooking but wasn’t able to cook due to your busy schedule then you can do it right now. You can try your own recipe or you can find kitchen hacks and great recipes online. As you’re in your home engage everyone in the kitchen, enjoy preparing the food and have it together.

5) Do exercise and yoga

If you are the one who always wanted to remain fit and make fitness your lifestyle then it’s the best time as you can try different diets, you can practice yoga, you can do your cardio, etc.  You can try different fitness challenges like plank challenge, pushup challenge, squats challenge, etc.

6) Clean and recreate your room

Do you even wear all the clothes that you have in your wardrobe? Choose the one you wear and put out the clothes you don’t. Arrange your books. Decorate your room. You can change the curtains, move your tables, put on some lights, do some wall painting, etc.

7) Read novels

If you’re a person who loves to read novels, then you can utilize this time to read those novels you always wanted to. You can borrow books from your friends or relatives or you can even read it online. Getting wiser is surely a great thing to do during the lockdown.

8) Stay close to nature

If you are someone who loves sunrise and sunset then you can wake up early and watch sunrise listening to the chirping of birds and watch sunset listening to your favorite songs.

9) Spend time with your family members

If you were not able to spend time with your family members then you can talk to them now and share with them those things you always wanted to share. You can spend your time telling stories to children or listening to the experiences of the elders. If you’re fond of board games that you used to play in your childhood like Ludo, snakes and ladder, carrom boards, etc, then it is the right time to relive your childhood memories.  These games might be in your storeroom. Take it out and play with your family members.

10) Love and pamper yourself

Indulge yourself in self-care. Take care of yourself. Do hair massage or you can even ask your mother or whoever is in your home to give you a hair massage. You can make a face pack using the available ingredients in your home. You can even google cool ideas of DIY hair masks and face masks.

Just being alive is a great gift. Stay home, stay safe.

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