Finding Love in the Time of Corona

Finding Love in the Time of Corona

The world is in chaos at the moment. The superpowers have been rendered powerless and the non-discriminating pandemic is causing panic everywhere. Such a chaotic outside world is bound to have a chaotic impact on the world you hold within yourself. Your inner world to be in a state of disarray is plainly obvious.

So, how are you?

How are you now?

How are you really? 

Stressed, distressed, over stressed! 

We all are – one way or the other. I doubt if anyone feels spared by the novel virus. From prince to paupers, from prime minister to Hollywood actors, from doctors to warriors – they have all made news for testing positive to COVID19. And if you aren’t stressed, that could be a cause for stress. Stress at this moment is a normal and natural reaction to all the uproar the virus has managed to cause. So, if you are stressed know that you are reacting appropriately.

However, how you cope with the mounting stress is important. Although the virus is the same and stress is the common reaction, how each of us is managing our stress can vary.

Some of you may be better able to shake things off and ease out stress by binge-watching on Netflix or binge-eating. Some of you may have adopted healthier alternatives like healthy eating, yoga, and meditation, spending quality time with family, being productive, and so on. And the rest of us, we may have allowed ourselves to be swallowed into the depths of distress. 

For us, our inner world is reciprocating to the outside world with equal proportions if not more. Our world is engulfed in the darkness because of the threat that the pandemic has brought on to the outside world. Our world could be in shambles and we are not stressed but over-stressed. But, wait. Let’s ask ourselves a couple of questions: 

Can I control the pandemic that’s causing trouble to the outside world? (Surely not).

Can I control the chaos of my inner world? (Maybe yes). 

You are the ruler as well as the ruled in your inner world, and you must rule wisely. In the pandemic panic, make sure that you do not ignore the entire world you have within yourself. The shadow of doubt and insecurity may cast darkness in your world but you have to find a way to bring in the light.

Live in a bubble if you must, because it is your safe space. Sever ties with the online news portals if the news is causing you stress. Rekindle your old friendship instead and reach out to friends and family to fortify your world with healthy relationships. 

And then find love. Fall in love with the only person who will be with you right till the end, who will see you through this pandemic and after, who will never ever leave your side – YOU. Yes, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, you have to fight the fight and defeat the darkness to find the light for the one you love. You are your own rock. 

In this pandemic pandemonium be kind to yourself, heal your “self”, and above all love yourself. 

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