Beating Boredom – 5 Easy Ways to Fight Boredom

Beating Boredom – 5 Easy Ways to Fight Boredom

Wake up… get ready for work… maybe grab some grub on the way… work work work… break… snack up… hit the gym after office… catch up with friends… hang out at the latest hot spot… go home…. do this and that till it’s time to hit the bed… a clockwork life! 

Wasn’t that your routine? Maybe even till yesterday. 

And now the world has come to a pause. The mundane monotony of all routines has come to a halt. We are in a lockdown. Our mobility is compromised and yet we must comply lest we compromise our health. However, the mere uncertainty of how long we will be rendered immobile is what worries us more than the social distancing or isolation. A friend says he thought he hated work until he was asked to stay home. “I am going insane,” he confesses. He can’t wait to get back to work and says he is bored out of wits.

Why do we get bored? What is boredom?

Boredom, according to Psychologist John Eastwood, happens as a result of “unfulfilled desire for satisfying activity.” Another paper by Irving Beiber discusses boredom associated with free time in a certain group of people. Spare time could mean idle minds and we are well-aware of the fact that it will soon turn to a devil’s workshop. 

No wonder boredom could lead us to some dangerous paths. Since we are not engaged with work, deadlines, meetings, etc., our minds are free to wander off in all directions and so we may not be able to stop ourselves overthinking and over analyzing. Especially at the present moment when our boredom could be mixed with anxiety and fear, some of us may resort to self-destructive measures like taking alcohol and drugs. 

Before boredom wreaks havoc in our already threatened lives, let us take control of the boredom.

Tips to beat boredom:

  1. Unlimited screen time: Simple! Whether you’re a student, a job holder or a retired professional, this could be your time to watch all the movies sans guilt. Listen to songs, download your favorites. Like, subscribe, share, all you care!
  2. Self-reflection: If you need time off-screen, this could also be the time for self-introspection. Start a journal and/or revisit your old journals. See how far you’ve come. Set new goals!
  3. Spring cleaning: Clean 1 cubic meter per day, you’ll have your room and house spic and span. As you clean the soots and waste, your mind too will cleanse itself. 
  4. Create: Try all the DIY videos. Start a blog or even a vlog. Commit yourself to whatever you want to create, and who knows by the end of this strange time you could have a new career.
  5. Quality time: This could turn to a beautiful opportunity to renew your relationship with your family members. Have some family cook-off (if not bake-off) or find some games/activities where all members can take part. What about a board game to be less bored! 

Rewire your brains and consider this your much-awaited downtime. This is a weird time indeed and someone rightly said that this is ironically the first time he will need to stay away from the gym to stay healthy. So, let us all turn this lock down to our benefit and make the best out of this awful situation. Let us find the silver lining! Let us emerge a better version of ourselves when this is all over!

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