How to get over performance anxiety

How to get over performance anxiety


There are 200 people in the auditorium. The host of the ceremony has just announced your name. You get on the stage. The spotlight in on you. The audience is waiting for you to perform.

How do you feel?

Do you feel like something is stuck in your throat? Do you suddenly feel all hot in your stomach?

The stress and/or anxiety that comes from the fear of having to perform in public is identified as performance anxiety.

Where does this anxiety come from, you may ask? To put it simply, performance anxiety generates from the roots of your negative thoughts about your ability to perform well in any activity.

Like any other type of anxiety, this too generates from our own negative thoughts. And we have control over our thoughts, which means we can control our performance anxiety as well. Confronting your fears and vulnerabilities, accepting yourself for who you are, and not fearing the judgment of others, is the first step toward overcoming performance anxiety. But how can we do it?

There are various ways by which you can control and/or get over your performance anxiety:


They say, practice makes a man perfect. But what practice actually does is make you comfortable and confident. When there is comfort and confidence, fear and anxiety tends to not dwell there. So, practice, practice and practice a little more.

Focus on the positive

Our thoughts are in our control. When we focus on the negative, we lose our confidence. As our negative thoughts break down our confidence, they make space for anxiety. Positive thoughts are like antibiotics for our immune system, they act as a guard against negativity and stress. The more positivity we induce, the more confidence is exuded.

Say no to self-doubt

It is normal for any human being to doubt themselves. We are socialized in a way that we keep doubting ourselves. Daenerys had three dragons and a huge army, let the people around somehow made her doubt herself. Self-doubt is normal, but don’t let it take over you. If you are doubting yourself, use that energy to put extra effort. Don’t be put down by it.

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Indulge in relaxation and breathing exercises

There are many relaxation techniques and breathing exercises that you can use. You can practice controlled breathing, meditation, and guided imagery to calm down your nerves. It is good to practice relaxation techniques everyday to work on your anxiety.

Eat well and exercise

What you put on your body and how you treat your body has a lot to do with how you react to your anxiety. Eating well and exercising daily can help you deal with your anxiety and calm your nerves.

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