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Strugglers | Survivors | Saviors – Every Story Matters

The world is full of stories, and we are all characters doing our part in the play – on the road of constant character development. For any character, the way our mind functions (and sometimes malfunctions) can play a great part in our stories. And we are all the heroes of our stories, aren’t we? Now, it’s time we share our heroic stories to the world! 

Mindspeaks is a platform where we enable people to share their mental health stories of struggles, survival and victory so that it can help others cope with their problem. You are going to be like a superhero to people who are struggling right now. You understand what it’s like, and you can help people! You are saviors! 

The world is filled with so many problems and so many of us go through our lives alone – trying to cope with these problems alone. But do we have to go through it alone? Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we had someone to share our story with? Wouldn’t it be so much easier if someone could hear us out? 

Through Mindspeaks, people can learn about different mental problems, how to cope with them and read about stories of our strugglers, survivors and saviors. 

Like we always say, EVERY STORY MATTERS!